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Side By Side - Rochester

 Side By Side - Rochester strives to help medical and dental wives to grow strong in their relationships with Jesus Christ, with their husbands, and with one another. Being in a medical or dental marriage brings with it a unique set of circumstances. We are here to pray for, love, and encourage one another through whatever those circumstances might be, to help meet the physical and emotional needs of these wives and in doing so demonstrate the love that Jesus has for them.

This fall will be a little different. We will be offering three terms throughout the year beginning the second week of September. Each session will offer an opportunity for women to sign up, or to have a graceful point to take a break. The option will be open to continue in the same group as well. 

Fall Study will be Matchless by Angie Smith. This brand new follow-up to Angie’s Study Seamless just came out this summer. In this study we will spend eight weeks learning about Jesus; his mission, his miracles, and his message.  No matter whether you have known Jesus for many years or are just meeting him for this first time, this study will deepen your understanding of Jesus through biblical, historical, and cultural insights.
Winter Session will be a four week Advent Study together. We are still in the process of choosing which study we will be doing.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that everything can change so we have a tentative plan for after Christmas break but it isn’t yet set in stone. Right now we are expecting leaders will be able to spend the spring choosing their own studies. We will have a list of studies that we think look great, but our plan is to let our leaders choose what they would like to lead. Our plan is to continue to meet via Zoom unless things drastically change with regard to COVID, we will not have a long break in March when we are unable to meet as has happened in the past year. This longer session will allow for a longer study or for two shorter studies. Email us at sidebysiderochester@gmail.com if you'd like to join or would like more information! 

 We hope you aren’t feeling overwhelmed… but if you are, we can empathize. The move for our spouses or significant others to begin medical school, continue their training, or begin their job was a big change for us too.

When we were in your shoes, it was nice to know that people were waiting to welcome us to our new home. We have created a Side By Side - Rochester Welcoming Guide and hope it will be a valuable resource as you are settling in.

If you have any questions or would like to see the Welcome Guide, please contact our Welcome Team by emailing us at sidebysiderochester@gmail.com. We are looking forward to meeting you.

We believe there is something unique about the support medical wives can offer each other. Though some of our members would never come to a Bible study, they'll come to a place where people understand what they are going through, where they find friends and surrogate family, and where they experience support and companionship.

Our goal is to help meet the physical and emotional needs of medical wives demonstrating the love that Jesus has for them. We have a general fund that contributes to the overall operational expenses and a specific childcare scholarship fund, which allows us to continue keeping childcare costs low for everyone. Please contact us at sidebysiderochester@gmail.com for more information about giving, thank you for your support.

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